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The VNM Cap is the second capacitor designed by Studio Zy. It is an evolution of the VNP Cap design, and is also hand-made using natural materials. Virtually every aspect is in some way improved over the VNP Cap - and the resulting sound is sensational, bringing out depths and harmonic textures that modern audio devices are rarely capable of reproducing.

Please make sure to check the new VNM+ Cap - a further improvement of the VNM concept.




"Ingredients" in the VNM Cap recipe include:

  • Mundorf audio-grade copper foil
  • Two kinds of natural, undyed silk fabric impregnated with pure linseed oil
  • Casing is made from solid, 15mm-thick wood (mahogany or sapele)
  • Leads are solid 4N silver in silk insulation
  • Screws, nuts and washers are solid brass

It is made with painstaking attention to details. One out of every four copper plates is typically discarded as not good enough, usually due to a small mark, or dent or slight imprecision in the cut. Each copper plate is then individually polished at the edges. Silk is strictly inspected for any irregularities and discarded if there is as much as a crease on it. The wood is cut and finished manually - well, but not quite to "cabinet" standard. Otherwise the capacitor would cost 3x as much, while sounding no better - and capacitors are rarely bought for display!

The resulting sound is deep, rich, very dynamic and above all - charmingly natural. It has the kind of sound that just instinctively feels right.

Every VNM Cap is made to order. Studio Zy philosophy is to create things that are natural, beautiful and made by human hands, not machines - and as such, individual and unique. Each capacitor has a serial number.

VNM+ Cap

The VNM+ is available as a stand alone capacitor, or an upgrade that can be retrofitted to existing VNM caps. It includes extra stabilising the capacitor layers with natural beeswax, followed by heavy treatment with my own wood resin composition, and finally dampening the capacitor with a thick layer of raw cotton.

The sound, compared to the ordinary VNM Cap, gains depth and better detail definition. It is exactly the difference between an illusion you can almost believe - and an illusion so persuasive it will take conscious effort to shake it off. Highly recommended.


The price for a VNM Cap in values below 15nF is 55. If you require a larger value, please enquire about the price; as a rough guide, every additional 10nF will add 5-7 to the price, and currently only values below 200nF are feasible.

VNM+ Cap costs an extra 15, on top of the regular VNM Cap price.

Evaluation samples are available - please ask for details.

PayPal integration is coming; for now, please email me with your order and preferred method of payment - you will normally get a reply the same day.


VNM Cap is entirely hand-made, and it cannot possibly be made as consistently as mass-produced parts. The precautions listed for VNP Cap broadly apply to VNM Cap as well. VNM Cap is much more physically stable though, and far more reliable. Insulation thickness is, on average, lower than VNP Cap, but it is much more consistent, so rated voltage is still 50V. Most of them will tolerate much more - I just can't promise every single one will.

From the designer

"The story of the VNM Cap is quite simple - I felt that VNP Cap, while very good sounding, clearly had a lot of room for improvement, so I looked at each part of it, and thought of all possible ways of making it better. I started with a visit to a local timber supplier. I chose what seemed to be the heaviest, hardest, and most beautiful wood they had in stock - this happened to be mahogany floorboards. The rest came gradually together through experimenting, and a few prototypes later, I had a capacitor that was well beyond what I had initially hoped for. It needed a name, of course, so I replaced the P in "VNP" with an M (for mahogany) - and that is how VNM Cap came to be."

Jaroslaw Biniek

Warranty & Disclaimer

All VNM Caps come with a lifetime warranty against manufacturing faults and defects. The sound quality is also guaranteed - full refund will be given if you are not impressed with them.

Not covered under warranty are natural variations in materials and minor manufacturing inaccuracies typical of hand-made items.

My components are under constant development, so description and pictures may not reflect the current development stage.

Disclaimer: no claims will be accepted for any damage or loss, direct or implied, that arose due to the use of these capacitors, either in electric devices or elsewhere. Don't even think of installing them in military or medical machines.
Read the Precautions paragraph and above all - use common sense.

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