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2nd February 2015: Please note that I have limited production capacity, and there may be a few weeks delay with processing your orders. I will of course let you know if there is going to be a delay.

15th December 2014: Studio Zy project is now accepting orders again.

19th August 2013: Studio Zy project is suspended due to my move to a different address and general change in life circumstances. Questions and enquires are still welcome, but I will have to decline all orders until further notice.

30th July 2012: Finally added the information about the new lower-cost natural resistor.

20th July 2012: The VNM Cap receives a face-lift: VNM+. You might not like the new look, but you will love the sound!

11th March 2012: The Invisistor is now officially available! It is an incredibly sounding new resistor design that - as far as I can tell - sounds significantly better than anything else out there.

17th December 2011: VNP Cap receives a facelift: It is now made using mostly the same techniques as VNM Cap, and is also using brass screws now. The price went up slightly, but so has the sound quality!

11th November 2011: A new, exotic resistor design is on its way. Prototype tests are very promising - it significantly outperformed every audiophile resistor I compared it to!

1st September 2011: Wooden Cap Mod guide published! Take a look at this radical way to improve electrolytic capacitors.

29th  August 2011: The VNM Cap is here! This new, beautifully sounding, natural capacitor design is now finished.


Experimenting with copper foil shapes, and different dielectrics.



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