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Hi, my name is Jaroslaw Biniek. I started the Studio Zy project because of my love for audio equipment, and music in general. My goal is to create unique, beautiful things, and to advance the current state of knowledge, so that everyone - including myself - can have better sound. I have a master's degree in Computer Science and Econometrics which, beside sounding impressive, actually helps me do my research efficiently.

I base my research on two principles: experimentation and the resulting sound. This approach stems from the assumption that the current state of scientific knowledge does not exhaustively explain all the acoustic and psychoacoustic processes that affect the sound. Therefore I am prepared to accept anything - scientific or not - as long as it bears the supreme test of sound.
There is of course the matter of subjectivity, but just like with musical instruments - there are some which have a "signature" sound - and some which are simply superior.

I like to work by drawing from many many diverse areas of knowledge, and harmoniously unifying them to create something better. I like to do all sorts of things myself rather than buying them ready-made - from baking my own bread to writing this very website. I have particular love for nature and all natural materials. In all my work I try to find ways of achieving my goals in a manner that is simple and in tune with the natural order of things.

I would love to be able to make the things I do and give them away for free - just because I like making them, and I would have the satisfaction that someone has better sound thanks to me. Unfortunately, this world being what it is, I also have bills to pay, and the best materials tend to be the most expensive ones - so I am forced to charge money. Any profits that I make at this early stage, I invest back into my research.

I have a few other passions, besides HiFi and music. One of them is Chinese teas; my favourite is currently the lightly-roasted Yu Lang Xiang (Oolong) variety grown in Guan Mu Shi village, Mt. Wudong, Chaozhou, Guangdong province, from the 2010 spring harvest. I also love my BMW 325i (E36, coupe), and I race it whenever I get the chance to. I love classic Ferraris, and my dream car is a red Ferrari 328 GTS with cream leather. I am attracted to anything that is rare and exceptional. My favourite stone is Ammolite. My favourite colours are real silver (ie. the colour of elemental silver), pure red and also iridescent colours.




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